Rodger Shearer(non-registered)
Hi CHristopher. Like many others, I follow your work on 500PX. As a nature/wildlife photographer myself, I apprecaited the great work you do and how hard it is to get these images. Love your work!
Alessandro Picchio(non-registered)
Hi Christopher,
I follow you on 500px....your photos and gallery are are inspiration for me...only congrats...
Trevor McMullan(non-registered)
Great photos ... something I would like to aspire to ... and I loved your about page ... very frank ...
Arthur Kiefer(non-registered)
I love you photos, it's really inspiring me!
Bill Wingfield(non-registered)
Great eye, Chris. Amazing light. Magical when it all comes together.
Danny Nash(non-registered)
Hi Christopher,
I follow you on 500px and I honestly don’t know that anyone’s bird photography comes close to yours. Everything you do is top rung but I love birds and wildlife so I particularly love your bird images. Do you always use a tripod for birds or sometimes handheld? I see you’re from Michigan. Do you travel much or are most of your images close to home?

You greatly inspire me Christopher! I’m a follower of Jesus and the scriptures say in Colossians 1 that “everything was created through Him and for Him” and your work causes me to see my creator and give thanks to Him for what He allows me to see.

Have a blessed evening!

Danny Nash
Tom Heiden(non-registered)
I saw your work on 500PX too....What gorgeous work. Truly excellent.
Roni Chastain(non-registered)
I also saw your work on 500px and followed the link to your site. Amazing images. Loved looking thru them. You are an inspiration to all photographers. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Christopher!
I saw your work on 500px and followed the link to your site.
Your work is truly inspiring. As we lived in TX for nearly nine years with hummingbirds abound, I truly enjoyed seeing your captures of these beauties too.
Your passion is obvious in every image, thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.
Roberto Anil(non-registered)
I saw your pics in 500px site and ended here looking for more. Great portfolio. Congratulations for the courage to follow your passion.
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