Phil Davson(non-registered)
Great gallery, no doubt about the quality as it shines through. Very competant in all fields.
Congratulation on your Head Curator on, obviously you have allot of time on your hands and dedicated to those Swedes.
To answer you question "500px do the best images really make it to the top or is it a popularity contest ?" The answer is very clear and easy as ALL internet photographic sharing sites are more or less the same, based on social interaction and popularity. If you have a very good reach on social media platforms - the more popular you will become is usually the case.
Julie Frontera(non-registered)
Such wonderful photographs! Unbelievably good. I enjoy seeing them very much.
Wendell McBride
I really admire your work Mr. Schlaf. You are a master of the various different genres you share here and on 500px. It's beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for your contributions and all the effort that goes into creating such images. Kind regards, Wendell
You have a great gallery. Inspiring me to think more creatively to snap a photo. btw, I found your web from 500px.

nice web
Brano Kovacevic(non-registered)
So many great photos, both here and over there at 500px. Wildlife seen through your lens is so alive. Keep up clicking, posting and enjoying what you do!
Hennie lammers(non-registered)
Congratulations on many excellent images in your splendid galleries!!!

Regards Hennie
David Whiteman(non-registered)
Love your work Chris. Would love to shoot with you sometime.
Stay away from me with that blanket!
Great work mate - inspiring
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