101.Ellen Chaffin(non-registered)
Love your work. Keep them coming.
100.Violetta Martinez(non-registered)
WOW! A man with real talent!!
99.Richard reames(non-registered)
Great website Christopher. I found your web link on 1X. You have captured some stunning shots. Thanks for sharing. Best regards, Richard
97.Carole Mehta(non-registered)
Just saw your most amazing and outstanding photos of the Brandegold puppies and dogs. It's more than likely largely thanks to your delicious photos of the dogs and puppies that we decided to purchase a puppy from them!! We have only just signed up and will be waiting till next spring to get one.
Thanks, and I appreciate fine photography!!
96.Suzie Roberts(non-registered)
Just found your photography. You are amazing! I love birds so I got a camera to capture them. Your work is such an inspiration. I just got a picture of a kingfisher in Taos.
95.Cutter55 500px(non-registered)
Hi Christopher, your work is truly inspirational, I love all your genres.

Excellent work.
91.ANDRE Sylvie(non-registered)
It's a wonderfull travel when I see your pictures !
Sorry for my english, I'm french...but I have no words to say my admiration !
Thant you for your work, I'm going to inspire with that ;)
90.DeDe Doerr(non-registered)
Chris your work is truly amazing. What a talent you are!! Thanks for sharing.
85.Lois Hebert(non-registered)
In addition to being an excellent photographer, now you're a drone owner! How exciting! You must be having a lot of fun with that.
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